Hospital Management

Hospital Administration

We Know Healthcare.

Healthcare payers and providers are facing unprecedented changes. Mounting pressures, advanced technology and growing customer expectations are redefining the healthcare landscape, while the need for interoperability between systems and stakeholders has never been more vital. Our consultants has served the healthcare industry for over 20 years and has worked internationally as Alpha Consultants. Our agile approach to the complex challenges facing the industry has helped healthcare organizations modernize the way they do business, while focusing on what matters most, members and patients.


Years of Healthcare Management Experience. Have worked with different general physician clinic to Multi-disciplinary centers and small hospitals in Toronto, Ontario.


Successful Initiatives. Some of them were established from scratch and was successfully handed over to clients once trained and were able to do Hospital Management on its own.


Evolving customer expectations, fluid regulatory environments, and a transition to value-based care models have created both challenges and opportunities for payers. We work with healthcare payers to deliver quality service while achieving key business goals.


We help providers improve interoperability while transitioning to value based care. By leveraging data & technology, we solve problems, optimize processes, deliver customer experiences that improve patient engagement, satisfaction & quality of care.

Solution Providers

Changes across the healthcare industry are forcing Solution Providers to rethink their products. From legacy modernization to the adoption of technologies like cloud and AI, we work with clients to transform their business and deliver increased value to their customers.


Transformation Through Collaboration.

We help healthcare organizations achieve interoperability to deliver more effective outcomes.



Specialized Healthcare Consulting.

We achieve operational efficiencies, improve quality of care, and deliver personalized experiences with our specialized healthcare services designed specifically as per your requirements to improve your healthcare institute.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Healthcare organizations are tasked with creating end-to-end experiences for members, providers and patients. Our human-centric approach addresses user experience and product modernization across the customer journey.

Core Systems Transformation

The security and stability of healthcare organizations starts at the core. Our agile approach to modernization allows clients to achieve flexibility, replaceability, scalability and integration of core systems, leading to true transformation.

Data & Analytics

Patient-centered care is driving change across the industry. We help healthcare organizations derive usable insights from data to impact patient care and planning, predict and improve health outcomes and drive business strategy.

Technology Advisory

Our architects & program leaders work with your team, serving as unbiased advisors, relentless advocates and trusted partners. We help solve your biggest challenges while aligning & achieving both business & IT goals.


Our Services Also Includes:

Med On Wheels has the benefit to have Hospital Management Consultants who have established services network offering unsurpassed level of quality driven solutions on turnkey basis for our healthcare industry clients by concentrating on quality assurance, excellence, and client satisfaction:

  • Experience to provide advice, information and solutions that make a positive difference in the Healthcare organization.
  • A tight-knit consortium of Senior Healthcare Management Consultants with over a decade of experience and key skills to provide specialized project management services.
  • Track record of setting of multiple healthcare facilities and rendering operational improvement counseling for specialist led group practices, hospitals and niche driven healthcare facilities.
  • Strong knowledge base, relevant background, experience and trained human resource enabling clients to consistently reach market-leading levels of financial and operational performance.
  • Complete range of Health Facility Planning, Medical Equipment Planning, Design Construction Supervision and Operational Commissioning, Feasibility Studies, Master Planning.


Professional Expertise

Med On Wheels consultant are holders of Medical Degrees, other postgraduate diploma and also Professional Diploma in Medical and Health Administration from Toronto. Ontario. Canada. He has served various medical institutes and multi disciplinary clinics/ centers and or small hospitals .


Professional Scope

Healthcare project's design, medical planning, construction and operations.

  • Healthcare Turn-Key project management and implementation


Identification & allocation of resources

  • Healthcare Turn Key Recruitment/Headhunting
  • Healthcare Training and development


Development and management of Healthcare Technology implementation and optimization services

  • Need assessment and development planning
  • Telemedicine planning and implementation
  • IT planning
  • ERP Roll out planning
  • Health related policy drafting and enactment— regulatory compliance management

We specialize in

  1. Med On Wheels offers to identify specialized healthcare segments to focus and plan future progress
  2. Services bringing a wealth of multi-cultural and cross industry experience to develop services in the healthcare industry
  3. We offer services to identify customer needs for all hospital and diagnostic equipment, disposable and consumable requirements and manage to arrange supplies
  4. Services for hospitals and laboratories to setup and/or to upgrade existing services
  5. Service to identify & Create joint venture activities in the healthcare segment
  6. Our services to prepare and help optimize services of customers to meet regulatory requirements in the Healthcare segment


Training & Development:

We have plans to establish a training and development institute for medical and allied fields in Karachi. This institute will develop a pool of trained medical and allied service individuals for the challenging healthcare environment and raise the quality standards of healthcare delivery in Pakistan. The institute envisages leveraging expertise in the short certificates in medicine and surgery, medical licensure exam and English language preparation (IELTS) as well.

We can also train in Hospital Management or let us know if you need help in Hospital Management.


Consultant/Advisory Services:

Currently providing strategic planning, development and implementation inputs to new Hospital or expanding Hospital projects (from inception, financial planning, design, construction to sourcing and commissioning of equipment) in Pakistan and abroad.


Training Services:

Providing training consultancy in the areas of Hospital Management & Project Management.


Social Awareness Campaigns:

Our experience played a lead role to create awareness through social campaigning on basic issues in our low socio economic areas in collaboration with a prominent NGO.



The future of healthcare industry in Pakistan will see a continued strong demand for construction of healthcare facilities, including completely new or replacement facilities and projects involving major additions


Practice Evaluation

A Practice Evaluation is a systematic assessment of the work performed by a particular individual or group in the fields of health or social services, such as a therapist or group of doctors and nurses at a medical practice.


Management Of Healthcare Technology

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important.


Inventory Management

While inventory’s purpose is to be sold, the amount of profit business achieves is largely based on how well inventory is managed.- from the purchasing of inventory to inventory control & warehouse management, to the dispensing and finally the post sales activities.


Human Resource And Compliance

The human resources (HR) function is  at the center of the company’s efforts to identify, hire and retain the people the organization needs to execute its strategy and achieve its goals. But the HR function is a key player.


Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of identifying what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business; and taking steps to ensure that general consensus is in line with your goals.


Payroll Management Services

Are you finding it a challenge to deal with the payroll for your employees? Is doing your payroll taking up time that would be better spent in other areas of your business? Do you miss the odd deadline or find it difficult to remember what to send cost and when?


Contract Consulting

A contract is a legal agreement between a service provider and the client, by means of which the client buys the services of the service provider.When you finally landed that much sought-after client and are ready to get started on the project. It’s tempting to move forward on just a handshake, but…..


Refurbishment services

Hospital cleanliness is a vital ingredient in the fight against healthcare associated infections. It is also important in its own right. Patients have the right to expect to be cared for in an environment that is clean and fit for purpose. Staff have the right to work in an environment that allows them to care for their patients safely and efficiently.