Short & Long-term Nursing Care

Short & Long-term Nursing Care

Isn't it a relief, Nursing Care when your Doctor rules out the need for hospitalization and recommends a home based treatment plan?

Healing in the comfort of one's own home with the complete care and attention of loved ones is something that all of us look forward to. But continuing a treatment from home may necessitate frequent hospital visits, especially for daily medications and procedures. This means, a lot of travelling, traffic struggles and long waiting lines.

At Med On Wheels, we bring you experienced and certified nurses who visit your home for all procedures such as injections, infusions, wound dressing, catheterisation, vital checks, vaccinations, etc. ensuring a highest quality of treatment at home.

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Long-term Nursing Care

A major injury, illness, or an unexpected health event can turn anyone’s life upside down. While you look forward to an early discharge and want to take your loved one back home, the fact is, recovery from an injury or illness doesn’t end when you walk out of those hospital doors. An uneventful healing may call for weeks or months of round-the-clock medical supervision and frequent hospital visits.

So, if you don't want to be scrambling at the last minute, plan your loved one's post-hospital care today!

At Med On Wheels, our Long Term Nursing team caters to conditions ranging from chronic care, post-surgery care, intensive care, geriatric care and monitoring vital signs for critical patients with stay-at-home-nurses for 12 / 24 hours.

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