About Us

About Us

We provide a unique service for patients who wants the treatment at the comfort of their own home. Now you don’t need to go to the clinic or hospital. Our team of doctors and nurses can come to you. Save the cost of treatments at hospital. Reduce your expenses and most of all treatment at the ease of home. Also save yourself from emotional trauma of watching other patients in distress. It’s a service dedicated to treat patients to bring out the best of their health and improve the quality of life for all.

Specialized in treating chronically debilitated, bed ridden, cancer patients needing general nursing care, bed sore management, nutritional support, Etc.

We also provide home nursing service for the patients. The nursing staff is especially trained to take care of critical patients and to provide best nursing care.

For the first time in Pakistan we are offering First Aid and CPR, BLS, ATLS courses and various other short courses and skills lab for Doctors, Nursing staff and healthcare professionals by Canadian Red Cross certified instructor, with a Canadian Red cross Certificate which would be an asset if you plan to go abroad.

Also offer coaching courses for paramedical staff, and preparation of nursing exams.

“Med-on-Wheels” is always there to cure your pains.

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24/7 service coming soon…..


Bringing the Best Medical Care Home to You

DOCTORS MAKING HOUSE CALLS is a practice of dedicated doctors and paramedical staff in bringing the best medical care into the most convenient place of service for each patient — where you live or where you work.

Yes, we really do come to you!  Our practice has transformed the “old-fashioned house call” into a 21st century phenomenon called “Home Medical Care.”

In our model, a physician-led multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive, patient-centered care for any condition, from the simple problems to the very complex, in the patient’s own environment.  Thanks to modern technology and our sophisticated, multi-faceted delivery system, we can do more tests and procedures in our patient’s home or place of business than other primary care physicians do in their office.  And our service surprisingly affordable..

Next time you find yourself languishing in a doctor’s office, or waiting weeks or months for an appointment, don’t blame us.  You could have had a prompt appointment with a terrific clinician who provided exactly what you needed, in the comfort of your home or place of business.

Our Mission


Striving for uncompromising excellence in service delivery and setting of global benchmarks in patient care.


Making quality healthcare services available and accessible to all through cost-effective and innovative processes.


Skillful and optimum leveraging of technology that leads to real time and effective service outcomes.


Ensuring openness in service and all its related parameters in order to win the trust of the care seeker as well as the provider.


Providing a continuity of care from tertiary and secondary hospitals to the community through a seamless integrated services network.


Ensuring employees are valued and respected, which motivates them to identify with the organisation and strive to achieve its core purpose.

What We Value


Identify with the feelings of patients and caregivers for deeper understanding and consequent delivery of services in a compassionate manner.


High ethical conduct and identifying oneself with the organization.


Treat everyone with courtesy and dignity to create fellowship and camaraderie, which enhances mutual respect and belongingness.


A collaborative work ecosystem, where the collective efficiencies are harnessed for delivering the best possible care.


Our Vision

To be trusted and globally recognized for excellence in home healthcare